• Online Cash Back FAQ

    I recommend reading through Online Cash Back to understand the basics of how it works and then reading through this page for more details. (But, in the end, you can do whatever you want.)

    First and foremost, if I find a great deal online at a rock bottom price, will I still get the Cash Back?


    Yes. The Cash Back is on top of the great deal you found at an online store listed by your Cash Back provider.


    In all seriousness, how easy is it to earn start earning Cash Back?


    • Sign Up with a Cash Back provider (see my recommended list here)
    • Find your favorite stores at the Cash Back provider, and click on their link
    • Shop as you normally would
    • Earn great cashback!

  • How much Cash Back can I earn?

    The sky is the limit. The more you spend, the more you earn.


    How often do I get paid my cash back?

    Each Cash Back provider will have different payment policies. Most have a minimum amount to be earned before a payout and there may be a payment schedule such as monthly or quarterly.


    Does each online store offer the same amount of Cash Back?

    No. Each online store will offer their own percentage of Cash Back and the percentage can vary by category. Check with you Cash Back provider for Cash Back offers. (Less commonly, some online stores will offer a set dollar amount as Cash Back instead of a percentage.)


    Are there any items that are excluded from qualifying for Cash Back?

    Yes. Some online stores will exclude Cash Back for certain products or categories.


    Is Cash Back calculated on the entire amount paid?

    Generally, Cash Back is only offered on the products themselves and excludes taxes, shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or a store credit. However, the purchase of a gift card may be eligible for Cash Back. Maybe.


    What can make my purchase ineligible for Cash Back?

    • Likely, any purchase of products and services in which the transaction is partially or wholly completed by telephone does not qualify for cash back.
    • The use of a coupon may render the purchase ineligible for cash back. Some cash back sites offer exclusive coupons for which the purchase may still be eligible for cash back. Regardless, rarely can coupons be combined on one deal.
    • Purchases you make at online stores are only credited if you start your shopping session at your Cash Back provider's website or by using their toolbar if available (or similar service), then click to a store via the Cash Back provider's link. Otherwise, the transaction cannot be tracked and you will not receive credit. As well, you must click through your Cash Back provider's site each time you make a purchase. Not adhering to this very strictly will likely make your purchase ineligible to receive Cash Back.
    • Some third party shopping tools, add-ons, buttons, etc. that are not provided by your Cash Back provider could negate the Cash Back on an order.

    Do I always have to visit the Cash Back provider's website first?

    Yes. Unless you use some of their other available tools which may be toolbars or buttons.


    What settings do I need to have on my browser?

    Enable cookies on your browser while you are shopping. The online stores use cookies to track what you buy so you can get cash back for your order. If you ever want to delete your cookies, please wait until all of your shopping is complete. Also, make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click through to the store from the Cash Back provider. Retailers track when you put items in your cart; they can only get cash back for you if you click through to the store from the Cash Back provider without having any items in the store's cart.


    What are some DON'T's?

    DON'T click on other links to go to an online store or click on pop-up ads while searching and shopping; doing so can mess up the cookies and your order may not track back to your Cash Back provider, even if you clicked on the Cash Back provider link.
    DON'T close the store website while shopping. If you do, you must click through from your Cash Back provider again to start a new session. Also, make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click back to the store.
    DON'T check out multiple times at an online store without clicking back through your Cash Back provider. If you want to shop some more after checking out the first time, you must go back to your Cash Back provider and click back through to the store again (even if you are ordering the same item at the same store).
    DON'T use coupon codes that are posted on other websites. Stores track the codes you use and they won't give your Cash Back provider the commission for your order if you use a code from somewhere else.
    DON'T use coupons you get in emails from the store or other sources unless an identical coupon code is also posted at your Cash Back provider. Stores sometimes use different codes in their own emails to customers, and those codes may not result in cash back.
    DON'T use discounts from other sources including postal mail, blogs, employee discount or VIP programs, or for any other programs not posted at your Cash Back provider.

    DON'T contact customer service for help ordering or making adjustments to your order. It’s okay to track your order, get updates, etc., but if you make a change to your order or customer service helps you place it, you may not get Cash Back. It’s best to cancel your order and place it again with the proper information after clicking on original link again.


    How many online stores offer Cash Back?

    The short answer is thousands. Each Cash Back provider will have different agreements with various online merchants. Before signing up, check to see if the Cash Back provider has links to your favorite stores.


    Does the Cash Back provider see the information I enter at the online store?
    No. Credit card/payment information and all other details entered into the online store's site are not seen by the Cash Back provider. The information is secured by the online merchant and it's up them to make sure your information is safe.


    What if I have to make return?

    Follow the online merchant's return policies. Note that this will likely negate any Cash Back you would have received for the purchase.


    What is the Cash Back process?

    Once a purchase is made, you will likely see the transaction as 'pending' in your Cash Back provider's dashboard up to 10 days+ after the transaction has been made. Because of the return period for merchandise, it can take up to 90 days to be credited your Cash Back. Individual online merchants will have their own policies for this and the policies for Cash Back providers may vary as well. This is a guideline only!

    *Note: This FAQ provides a general idea of how Cash Back works and should encompass most of what you will encounter. However, since all Cash Back providers have their own policies it is impossible to account for all of their terms. For specific Cash Back questions, please refer to your Cash Back provider.


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